B-Screw Interference Screw

B-Screw TCP Interference Screws

The B-Screw TCP is a biocomposite interference screw specifically designed to meet the needs of surgeons.

Made of Polyal®, a 70% PLA and 30% ß-TCP biocomposite material, the B-Screw is designed for:

  • Fixation of soft tissue and bone tendon grafts
  • Ligament reattachment in a variety of surgical procedures

Key Features & Benefits

  • Polyal1 – safe and proven biocomposite material that is mechanically resistant, radiolucent, bioabsorbable and osteoconductive – supports the formation of new bone
  • High Torque Resistance2 – transmits torque more effectively compared to standard hex driver geometry – reliable insertion, even in hard bone
  • Self-Tapping3 – conical tip and unique thread pattern designed to eliminate the need for tap instrumentation – quick and easy starting
  • Double-thread Design – two independent threads reduce the number of turns needed to insert the screw – faster and more efficient insertion
  • Internal Configuration – screw and driver design shifts torsional stress off from the screw and onto the driver, improving performance during insertion – tactile feedback and reproducibility
  • Full Size Range – available in 6 diameters and 4 lengths; suitable for multiple procedures – versatility